Jovin Chan is a social media influencer and a public figure from Malaysia with a massive 147k Instagram followers! So find out all about her beauty secrets and essentials, as well as some snippets of her everyday routine in our interview down below!

Find Jovin Chan online

     Instagram: @jovin26
     Snapchat: jovin26

Favorite new beauty product

     Kiehl’s – Pure Vitality Skin Renewing Cream

Where do you spend most of your time?

    At home

Recommended place to visit in Malaysia

Penang, my lovely hometown. Many delicious street foods and nice wall art

What’s in Jovin Chan’s makeup bag right now?

1. Protect moisture primer (Shuuemura)
2. Concealer (banila.co)
3. Loose powder (Laneige)
4. Eyebrows powder (Kate)
5. Eyebrows pencil (Benefits)
6. Eyeliner pencil (Etude house)
7. Lip pigment (3ce)
8. Eyeshadow (son & park)
9. Lipstick (Estes Lauder)
10. Mascara (etude house)

Describe your personal style

Sweet, simple and casual

FIVE (5) Beauty Items Jovin Chan cannot live without

      1. Eyes liner
      2. Lipstick
      3. Hair iron
      4. Contact lens
      5. Concealer

Typical day during weekends

      Chilling with my friends at cafe or go to cinema with boyfriend

Favorite place you have traveled


Movie that made you laugh the hardest

      I couldn’t remember any of the movie. But Running Man is the TV show that made me laugh the hardest every time I watch it!

Favorite beauty brands

       Laneige, Shu Uemura and Kiehl’s

What makes you smile the most?

      I like some funny things happen when I’m with my friends. I could laugh till tear drop.

How you got started in makeup?

      I remember when I was 15 years old, I had acne skin, I started to learn make up just because want to cover all the acne.

Favorite Malaysian meal?

       Nasi lemak

Signature scent

       Jo Malone (Blue Agava & Cacao)

Handbag essentials?

       Purse, hand cream, earphone, candy, power bank, iPhone, lipstick
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