I’m HMK – An introvert girl who loves to printing smiles on everyone’s faces and also a travel addict who loves to leaves her footprints everywhere and discovers different cultures.

Personal Style

Simplicity and Korean style outfits would be my fave style!

What Mantra That You Believe in?

One good turn deserves another.

Current occupation

Blogger and frequent flyer.

What makes you smile the most?

While seeing people willing to offering help to people in need.

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Her Mom’s beauty advice

Be kind and helping peoples in need. Inner beauty makes you shine!

ULTIMATE Beauty Icon

Korean star – Song Hye Kyo.

What’s in your makeup bag right now?

The Saem Concealer, NYX Lipstick, Maybelline eyeliner, Missha Mascara!

Favourite beauty brands

Innisfree ☺

Her signature scent

Addicted to Dior J’adore scent lately.

Handbag essentials

A book.

What is your lazy girl beauty staple?

Concealer and Lipstick! These bring a good and fresh complexion!

 Where do you spend most of your time?


How do you unwind after work?

Having some me- time at home makes me feel comfortable.

Recommended place in Malaysia

Pulau Redang. A perfect beach therapy!

Her favourite destination

Can’t even give an affirmative answer as all places with their uniqueness.

Instagram or Snapchat?

Definitely go for instagram!

Malaysian favourite food

Roti Canai! hehe

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