Please introduce yourself

Hello there readers, I’m Myra Muzaffar and you can call me Myra for short. I am 22 years old this year. I’m a student doing degree course in Business and Management at Oxford Brookes University. Im doing part-time modelling to gain my own experience in this fashion industry.

Don’t be like the rest of them, darling.

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What is your current occupation?

Freelance model / influencer and fashion blogger.

Where can we find you online?

You can follow my instagram account –

And also my facebook page

How did you start your career?

When I started my cupcakes business, people start noticing about the reviews made by my customers and I started to get the invitations from event bazaars such as Kabut Sale and Femes Bazaar back in 2013. Later, as I love to be in a Fashion world, I started to join other local events in KL such as fashion shows, brand launching and etc.

What’s the current update about yourself?

To be honest, I am going to finish my degree soon and I will focus on my own business

Describe your personal style in THREE words

Classy, elegant and simple

Less or more?

Less is more

What do you wear on lazy days?

Boyfriend tops / extra size sweaters.

Who’s your style icon?

Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid

How do you stay up to date with fashion?

I live most of my time in UK, I love to get the updates on instagram/newsletters from the online fashion retailers in UK such as Boohoo, ASOS, Pretty Little Thing, Missguided, Missyempire, Misspap.

What do you think about denim over denim?

So Kendall Jenner!

Sneakers, flats or heels kinda girl?

All the above!

What’s your style philosophy?

If I like it, I wear it.

Do you see makeup as part of fashion?

Makeup is the look that completed the whole style/outfit.

Which celebrities have the best style to you?

Camila Mendes and Janice Joosttema (beauty blogger)

Monochrome or colour blocking?

Monochrome. I love to wear black and white

Who is the most fashionable woman that you know?

Eika Azam and Ieedah Kadir

What’s your favourite thing to wear?

Offshoulder tops, culottes, ripped jeans and buttoned pants.

Accessories you can’t live without?

Rings and necklaces, belts

Are you afraid of wearing an all-white outfit?

No. I personally think that wearing all white outfit is classy

What are the FIVE things that you must have in your bag?

Powerbank, lip balm, VS perfume stick, phone, camera

What’s the priciest thing you ever splurge on?

I bought a pair of Sophia Webster’s ‘Evangeline’ heels that cost for £595 (RM 3,000+) using my 1 year savings and designer stuffs!

If you have to wear ONE thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Nike Sneakers!

Which fashion trend that will never be out of style?

I would say leather jacket!

Polka dots or stripes?


What are you currently following in the fashion industry (brand, news, model career, etc)

I just wear anything that I love and I feel comfortable wearing it

What do you like besides fashion?

I enjoyed singing, dancing and baking as part of my hobby. Other than that, I’m proudly to say that I am officially ceritfied scuba diver in basic level. Also, Im planning to fill my free time to learn archery and kickboxing.

Your favourite apparel?

Topshop and Zara

What kind of style that you’re least confident about?

Sleevless tops and mini skirts / short dress

What’s your favourite fashion brand?

Zara, Topshop and some online brands from UK (Boohoo, ASOS, Pretty Little Thing, Missguided, Missyempire, Misspap).

Who’s your biggest influence when it comes to fashion?

Kendall Jenner has always been my fashion icon

Name THREE things you can’t live without?

Handbags, off shoulder tops and heels

When did you first involve in fashion?

Since 2013, when I did my foundation in UK and when I started browsing the online clothes websites in UK. So from there, I started to buy the inspired clothes by famous celebrities and I started to buy the inspired clothes by famous celebrities and following the latest trends by other famous fashion bloggers.

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