Hi, my name is Pennie Tan.

Personal Style

Versatile. I hate conforming to a specific style because I’m always open to stepping out of my comfort zone and switching up my looks. I have so many different pieces in my wardrobe and I love mixing and matching to create different outfits with some of the same pieces. I can’t say that I chose to adopt a versatile style, because I’m naturally attracted to various looks and concepts.

What Mantra That You Believe in?

Head up, heart open.  To better days approaching!

Career Story

I have always wanted to be a DJ even when I was younger as I always thought it would be cool to be female DJ.

Current occupation

I’m a club Dj (Disk Jovkey).

What makes you smile the most?

-good health

-having family and friends I love


-good food & wine-great

Follow Her Social Media

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/penelope_pennie/

FB: https://www.facebook.com/PennieTanDj/

Current update

I’m planning to focus more on music producing in order to be able to secure   more regular gigs. From there, I’ll be able to expand my career by creating my own tracks, remixes, mashups and more because I think that it would be a  creative live show that is able to stand out from the crowd.

Her Mom’s beauty advice

Get more beauty from beauty sleep as skin makes new collagen when you sleep, which prevents sagging.

How she got started in make-up

When I was about 12/13 I started asking my mum about makeup, because my mom is a professional hair stylist and make up artist.  I started browsing makeup sites every day on the computer and I got to know the products quite well.

ULTIMATE Beauty Icon

In my opinion, Emma Watson is the new classic—she always looks chic, timeless, and so elegant.

Favourite new beauty product

Dior, ZA

What’s in your makeup bag right now?

Mascara (ZA)

Liquid Foundation (ZA)

Loose powder (Dior)

Lip Gloss (Dior)

Eye Liner pencil (cyber colors)

Eyebrown pencil (cyber colors)

5 Beauty Items That She Can’t Live Without

-Concealer (Mac)

-Sun Block (Nano white)

-Lip gloss (Dior)

-Compact powder (Dior)

-Light revealing powder (Guerlain)

Favourite beauty brands


Her signature scent

Jasmin Rouge Tom Ford for women

Handbag essentials

Lip gloss, purse, compact powder, mobile phone, tissues, hair brush, sun glasses, body spray.

What is your lazy girl beauty staple?

Give yourself a healing foot treatment while you sleep. Apply some Coconut oil or Vaseline to your tired and cracked feet, and then throw on some comfy, cushioned socks. And head to bed. That’s it. Wake up with soft, smooth feet.

Recommended place in Malaysia

Cameron Highlands, a place with beautiful view and lovely cool weather, and also tats my hometown.

Her favourite destination

I don’t like to travel, I just like to stay home. Because I think I spend more time in planes than I do in my own bed!

Malaysian favourite food




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