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Photo: Putreeo from YouTube

Introduce yourself

My full name is Putri Shameen Binti Hashim

I’m from Petaling Jaya and I’m 22, known as Putreeo on social media and I’m a dentistry student / Youtuber

Current occupation

I’m currently a dentistry student at Jordan University of Science and Technology


Photo: Putreeo on Instagram


I’m mostly active on Instagram and Snapchat (Putreeo), and of course you can find me on Youtube. For more of my photography, you can check out my Tumblr

I deleted my twitter a long time ago so nope, I don’t tweet ha ha

Career start out

I actually never thought of being a YouTuber, but since I gained quite a number of followers on Instagram — my friends were teasing me in a serious way somehow on I should start a YouTube channel, but again I didn’t want to

Somehow this one summer during my 2-months off, I decided not to travel or go back to Malaysia. I was bored to death and the next thing I know, I was doing my makeup in front of the camera!

Current update about yourself

I am now struggling in my final year for my degree in Dentistry. I’m not doing videos on YouTube as much since I need to focus, and I barely have the time for (YouTube)

Definitely will be back with more videos soon after I graduate in a few months!


Favorite new beauty product you’ve tried?

Kiehl’s Clearly Corrective Dark Sport Solution . This thing is the bomb!

I’m having some dark spots from previous breakout and its helping my skin a lot, and my skin’s texture is so much more refined!


Photo: Putreeo on Instagram

Where do you spend most of your time?

Well it depends — since I’m in Jordan, I’m mostly at the clinic/uni/home 

In Malaysia, however, I barely stay at home because I’m always out settling  stuff. I also tend to hangout with my friends because no one was always home

A place you would recommend people to visit in Malaysia


Oh, the fooood!

Mantra that you believe in

Nope, not really because I’m not that interested into believing one


What’s in your makeup bag right now

Powder brush

Innisfree No-Sebum Loose Powder

Maybelline Micellar Water Makeup Remover in a small bottle

Cotton pads

Revlon concealer

YSL Baby Doll Kiss & Blush in #04

Describe your personal style

Generally simple and modest. But I always have a hard time answering this kind of question since at times I can be so girly/feminine and the other, I would wear all black with sneakers

But to be honest, I feel more like myself in an all-black ensemble; my favorite band t-shirt and with any comfy black sneakers 


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Photo: Putreeo on Instagram

Five Beauty Items you cannot live without.

                Well, lets see if I could narrow them down to five! Ha ha.

Bourjois healthy mix gel  foundation

Revlon concealer

Benefit Porefessional

Beauty Blender

M.A.C Prep and Prime Fix + Spray

Your typical day at work/weekends

During the weekdays usually, my time is full with clinics and classes, trying out new places to eat sometimes, just to hang out with friends and studying after watching my Korean dramas at night, ha ha

Weekend is mostly appreciated with resting after clinic dramas almost everyday. I would clean my room and do the laundry, hangout with my  housemates and record a video or do a fun photo shoot if I have the extra time

Favorite place you traveled to

Italy! I was on a backpacking trip with my two other friends and we mostly went all around Italy.

Venice was one of the places in my wishlist and it was beautiful. Taking good photos while travelling makes me so happy! I have a travel video on my YouTube for that trip by the way! He he

How you unwind after work

Korean dramas!


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Photo: Putreeo from YouTube

Any beauty advice from your mother?

To NEVER pick on your acne and touch your face with your bare uncleaned fingers!

What’s next 

I really wanna focus on my future career as a dentist so I’m going to apply for a dental assistant part time job to gain experience, after I graduate while waiting for my job posting

And of course I’m still going to be active on social media and do what I love

ULTIMATE Beauty Icon

Diana Curmei


Movie that made you laugh the hardest

I am more of a crier when it comes to movies, so it’s kinda hard for me to answer this, haha!

Well, I guess Spy made me laugh foolishly good


Photo: Putreeo from YouTube

Favourite beauty brands

M.A.C Cosmetics

Urban Decay

Benefit Cosmetics



What makes you smile the most

Being with the ones I love (Cliche, I know ha ha but seriously though)

How you get started in makeup

                Youtube! Well, initially I was interested in makeup since I was a kid since my sister was a makeup artist, so she kept on giving me makeup for kids.

However, I have only really started to buy products and practice on my makeup skill just about 2 years ago when my hobby was watching makeup tutorials on YouTube .

I have never really played with makeup during high school since I was in boarding school. I didn’t know we can draw eyebrows until I was 19!

Favorite Malaysian meal

This is hard to pick, hmm — I guess for me nothing can beat char kuey teow!

The last book that you’ve read

Harry Potter and The Cursed Child!

Signature scent

 Subtle fruity/sweet scent

Handbag essentials


Makeup bag

Hand sanitizer



Band aids

Small mirror

Instagram or Snapchat?



Photo: Putreeo on Instagram

Lazy girl beauty staple

                I am lazy almost everyday to put on any makeup if there’s no special occasion.

So what I usually do, is just to apply concealer after my moisturizer on dark spots and my dark circles, then some tinted brow gel just to fill in my brows and not really shaping it, and a quick curling mascara and a pinkish tint for cheeks and lips!

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