Please introduce yourself

Hi! I’m Shu Yee from Penang with a height of 155cm & currently 22 years old. Extroverted, crazy & fun. Not to mention I was a Belieber since 2009.

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What is your current occupation?


Where can we find you online?



What’s the current update about yourself?

I’ll be graduating from my degree this year!

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Describe your personal style in THREE words

Casual, hipster, lady? I’m actually a person that will try out different styles to fit into different occassions. Heheh.

Less or more?

Less is more!

What do you wear on lazy days?

T-shirt and shorts, when I’m really lazyyy.

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Who’s your style icon?

Park Sora from Stylenanda <3

How do you stay up to date with fashion?

Just based on my observation & A LOT OF SHOPPING. HAHAHA!

What do you think about denim over denim?

Yes I’d LOVE THAT, I wear denim over denim quite often.

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Sneakers, flats or heels kinda girl?

Sneakers for life!! But I’ll wear heels for some occasions.

What’s your style philosophy?

The clothes you wear, the make up you put, will be able to reflect what kind of person you are.

What’s a fashion trend that can never let you down?

Anything that is ripped, never failed to let me down!!!

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Do you see makeup as part of fashion?

Yes definitely, make up compensates and enhances fashion.

Which celebrities have the best style to you?

It would be G-Dragon from Big Bang who is a GUY!! & can ridiculously look good in even the WEIRDEST styles!! How unfair.

Monochrome or colour blocking?

Monochrome for sure.

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Who is the most fashionable woman that you know?

I think it should be Kendall Jenner, with her pair of longggg legs that made her look good in everything she wear.

What’s your favourite thing to wear?

The necklace that mom bought me on my 21st birthday, I wear it everyday!

Accessories you can’t live without?

Can’t live without my necklace, earrings & watch.

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Are you afraid of wearing an all-white outfit?

Not at all! But it makes me look darkk hahaha.

What are the FIVE things that you must have in your bag?

My phone, wallet, power bank,  Innisfree’s no-sebum mineral powder and of course my current favourite Peri-Pera lippie!

What’s the priciest thing you ever splurge on?

I guess that would be my Prada sling bag….

换下 campus ootd 背景. 😂 #longtimenosee

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If you have to wear ONE thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?

My necklace.

Which fashion trend that will never be out of style?

I have to say it goes to anything that is ripped. Ripped jeans, ripped shorts, ripped clothes!

Polka dots or stripes?


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What are you currently following in the fashion industry (brand, news, model career, etc)

I follow TOPSHOP, ZARA & Bershka, 3 of my favourite brands. And Kendall Jenner, Park Sora, 2 of my favourite models. <3

What do you like besides fashion?

I love photography, a lottttt, I love to take pictures of food, interiors & scenery. That’s basically what you’ll see in my social media except for my own OOTDs. Hoho and I kinda like to sing.

Your favourite apparel?

A V-neck T-shirt, a pair of ripped shorts/jeans + sneakers, perfect!

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What kind of style that you’re least confident about?

The overly-exaggerated lady lady style, cause I feel that my face don’t really suit clothes like that. Whoooops.

What’s your favourite fashion brand?


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Who’s your biggest influence when it comes to fashion?

I can say I’m not easily influenced… So I guess I’m the biggest influence to myself? Haha.

Name THREE things you can’t live without?

My family & friends! My phone! And my attitude x

When did you first involve in fashion?

Hmmm.. It should be around when I graduated from college? At the age of 20.

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