Please introduce yourself

My name’s Syaza Atheerah but my friends and family usually call me by my nickname, Syaz. I recently turned 18 on the 28th of April and am currently taking Foundation in Communication at Taylor’s Lakeside University.

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What is your current occupation?

Student! I used to work as an employee at Comics Mart in MidValley back in January 2017–March 2017.

Where can we find you online?

You can find me on;

Facebook (

Twitter (

Instagram (

What’s the current update about yourself?

Well, there isn’t much to say, honestly. Just like any other student, I’m balancing between studies, friends, family and my boyfriend. I’ve been studying and doing assignments because I’m currently aiming to be on the deans list! Other than that, I’m trying to find time for my friends before they leave to continue their studies elsewhere.

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Describe your personal style in THREE words

Street. Casual. Edgy.

Less or more?

Well, less is more!

What do you wear on lazy days?

Usually a shirt, jeans and my all-time favourite pair of Vans; Sk8 Hi’s.

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Who’s your style icon?

Justine Biticon! She was a contestant on America’s Next Top Model. Absolutely gorgeous. She can pull of any style & still look good.

How do you stay up to date with fashion?

Honestly, fashion trends are unavoidable. If you’re constantly on social media, it’s easy to spot them. So, I think I’m always up to date.

What do you think about denim over denim?

Depends on how you wear it but usually it looks great! Although the words “denim over denim” never fails to remind me of 2001 Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake,.. I still think the style is great, just as long as it’s not too crazy.

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Sneakers, flats or heels kinda girl?

Not really a flats kinda girl but definitely sneakers & heels! You can’t make me choose between Vans and Aldo. Not happening!

What’s your style philosophy?

Always dress like it’s your last day. Some people believe that if you die one day, you’d live the rest of your life as a ghost in the outfit you died in. True or not, it’s a unique concept! Don’t you think so? It’s a great way to remind myself to dress well regardless. So, I guess that’s kind of my style philosophy.

What’s a fashion trend that can never let you down?

Ripped jeans! I don’t care what people say. Admit it, you can pair it with any top & it’ll look good.

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Do you see makeup as part of fashion?

Honestly, yes. It gives the look sort of like a “pop.” It makes your whole look stand out. First they see your makeup and are amazed by the on point contour and popping highlighter. Next, they see your ripped jeans and Gucci shoes. It’s a win-win!

Which celebrities have the best style to you?

So many! But the ones I that really appeal to me are Rihanna, Zendaya, Justin Bieber.

Monochrome or colour blocking?

Personally, monochrome.

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Who is the most fashionable woman that you know?

Rihanna! Queen. Icon. Beauty. Gorgeous. She can pull of anything & look good regardless. That’s a fact.

What’s your favourite thing to wear?

Cold shoulder tops. For some reason, I just really love it.

Accessories you can’t live without?


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Are you afraid of wearing an all-white outfit?

Yes! I’m a very clumsy person. Spilling drinks or dropping utensils seem to be a profession of mine… so, all-white? There will come a day but that day is not today!

What are the FIVE things that you must have in your bag?

My lipsticks (about 5 of them but that doesn’t count!), powerbank, my Laura Mercier powder, purse, cable and hand sanitiser.

What’s the priciest thing you ever splurge on?

Tops from Topman & online for my boyfriend!

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If you have to wear ONE thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Probably a romper. Comfy & it looks good. Win-win situation.

Which fashion trend that will never be out of style?

High-waisted jeans.

Polka dots or stripes?

I hate them both but if I were to choose… probably stripes!

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What are you currently following in the fashion industry (brand, news, model career, etc)

I’d say I’m currently following high-end fashion like Gucci, Supreme and YSL. Hm.. I can look at the menu, I just can’t order it.

What do you like besides fashion?

Makeup, music and books.

Your favourite apparel?

Anything streetwear.

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What kind of style that you’re least confident about?

Ripped jeans with fishnets. They’re gorgeous but I don’t think I can pull it off.

What’s your favourite fashion brand?

Forever21. Slightly more expensive than H&M and Cotton on but they have better selections.

Who’s your biggest influence when it comes to fashion?

My friends. I swear, they even dress well when they come to class. Always telling me to dress however I want without thinking about what others might think of me. Plus, they’re into all the same fashion styles.

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Name THREE things you can’t live without?

My phone, foundation & loose powder.

When did you first involve in fashion?

When I was 16. I’d say younger but I didn’t take fashion seriously till when I was about 16-17.

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