You have heard on must-have shoes and pants. We had certain piece of clothing in our head like outerwear especially during winter and fall. After all, everyone has their own style and choice to wear their jacket. But do you know what types of jacket and outerwear you put on? Is it a leather jacket, bomber jacket or just jacket? Don’t worry, here you will be guided on outerwear and types of jacket 101! Now, focus ladies!


Classic trench coat

The trench coat is one of those items that every woman should own. It’s a basic 101 when building a stylish wardrobe. You can wear trench coat on winter and fall season.

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Denim Jacket

For the past few years, denim seems have exclusively a young girl’s game and trend. For example, all those skinny jeans, high waisted jeans take the headlines. Now, they managed to grown into stylish denim jacket. They’re vastly more age-friendly where adult women can style it more edgy.



An overcoat is a type of long coat which intended to worn as outerwear and this coat ends below the knee. Usually, overcoat is used during winter to seek warmth.


Bomber jacket

The bomber jacket will probably never go out of style. They are crazy and edgy styles from Gucci, Prada, Zara and many more. Knowing the trend isn’t going anywhere in 2017, but curious how it might evolve so here’s a fee bomber jacket you can take a look.


Leather jacket

A leather jacket is a jacket length is usually worn on top of other apparel or item of clothing which usually bikers and “rock n roll” kinda person wears it. Leather jacket gives that cool and rugged style which can match with skinny ripped jeans. Best leather jacket are available at Coach. Zara and Calvin Klein.

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Parka make their way down the runway months ago, from function and a little of couture. Besides that, parka works brilliantly as a weekend look. It’s the only kind of coat that can carry off a hood. Another new edgy look for your fashion style.



A well-made is a transformative object. It makes denim dressy, party dress look awesome and can bestow figure with curves. Your blazer is a frame, you are the main attraction. It will acentuate your body curve and feature.

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